Acupuncture Winter Tune-Up – The Water Element

Seasonal AcupunctureDid you know that seasonal acupuncture treatments can be very beneficial to your health?

Winter is a time of rest.  It is a time of conservation of energy.  It is a time when the snow wraps the earth in a blanket of peace and quiet.  It is a time of stillness and leveling.  It is the period of time when all things are being repaired and revitalized.  It is a time of short days and long nights.  Winter is the most yin season in Chinese medicine.  In acupuncture Winter is ruled by the element of Water.  The Water element is associated with the urinary bladder and the kidneys.

Water is the flow of life.  It supports the life of the earth.  It is fluid and wet.  It is ever changing in force and shape.  It is like a river flowing to the sea.  It can dry up with the heat or overflow its banks with the rain.  It can be crystal clear and moving or stagnant and murky.  It can be fresh and pure or polluted.  It can flow quickly or be reduced to a trickle.  It comes in many different colors and smells.  It can nourish and refresh us.  Water is the movement of ideas, thoughts and emotions.  Water is the liquid power of nature.  When there is an imbalance in the water element, it is harder to cope with winter and there may be a lack of flow in bodily secretions and brittleness of joints.

Come in for a Winter Tune-Up acupuncture treatment and see how much better you can feel!

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