Self Care for Covid-19

Most of us are not paying enough attention to self care.

So many of us are having a having a difficult time mentally and emotionally today with the impact of Covid-19 on our normal lives.  As hard as it is to for many people to stay positive and not be drawn into the negativity and fear, it can make a huge difference in helping us stay physically healthy and keep our immune system strong.  There are lots of free relaxation and guided meditations online everywhere.  Try practicing some daily gratitude by writing down at least five things every day you are grateful for.  Even something as simple as being able to go for a walk in during these wonderful fall temperatures we have right now.  Practice being present.

Being Present

Classical Five-Element Acupuncture is wonderful for boosting your spirits when you are feeling lonely or down and worrying about the future.  There are some wonderful spirit points that can be used that have beautiful names.  To name a few:  Soul Door, Spiritual Soul Gate, Spirit Burial Ground, Rich for the Vitals, Assembly of Ancestors, Bubbling Spring and Foot Above Tears.

Diet is also very important.  Eat as many whole (non-processed) fresh foods as you can.  Avoid sugar and and limit or avoid alcohol.

My Favorite Anti-Virals List Here.

Here is a great video on how stress hormones affect your immune system.

Here is a wonderful quote from the The Yellow Emperor’s Classic book about the acupuncture and the spirit:

“The laws of acupuncture dictate that needling should be, first and foremost, based upon the Spirit.”

“What is the Spirit?  The Spirit cannot be heard with the ear.  The eye must be brilliant of perception and the Heart must be open and attentive, and then the Spirit is suddenly revealed through one’s own consciousness.  It cannot be expressed through the mouth; only the Heart can express all that can be looked upon.  If one pays close attention, one may suddenly know it, but one can just as suddenly lose this knowledge.  But the Spirit becomes clear to man as though the wind has blown away the cloud.”

From Ling Shu, Chap 8.  The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine and the Difficult Classic.  Trans. by Henry C. Lu.  Vancouver: Academy of Oriental Heritage, 1978, p. 725.


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