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Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM), B.Ac. (UK), L.Ac. (KS)

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I first discovered the amazing healing power of acupuncture in 1987 when I sought treatment for carpal tunnel I developed after 10 years as a court reporter.

After ten years as court reporter I developed carpal tunnel syndrome.   Since I knew carpal tunnel syndrome was usually caused by inflammation in the tendons and muscles of the wrist. I felt there must be some natural way, other than taking drugs or surgery, to get my wrist “uninflamed.”   After starting acupuncture treatments, not only did my carpal tunnel symptoms go away, I experienced such a greater sense of well-being and huge reduction in my stress level.

After practicing in Colorado for many years, I moved home to Overland Park, Kansas in 2014, to be closer to my family.  I have been practicing acupuncture for over 30 years now.

I love seeing patients leave after a treatment feeling different in a way that I like to call “subtly profound.”

My Philosophy

Finding natural, drug-free cures to ailments has been my passion for over 30 years.  My quest for finding new and alternative ways to regain and maintain health is ongoing.  I am always looking for the “cause,” or sometimes “causes” of any illness. There are natural solutions to our health problems, besides taking medications, if we are committed to and diligent about learning new ways to regain our health.  Getting acupuncture treatment is a great investment in your future health and well-being.

When people have been to their medical doctor for a condition of pain or other symptom of illness and no “medical” cause can be found, that is where acupuncture can be so effective at restoring health.  So many things in life can cause our bodies to get “out of balance” in subtle ways we often are unaware of.

I am an avid sleuth about finding the “cause” of whatever ailments come through my door.

I want to be your partner and guide in reaching your optimal level of health and well-being.   It is my intention for you to leave each treatment feeling better than when you came in and having a better day because you got acupuncture.   I believe in being punctual and never making someone wait.   People lead busy lives and their time is valuable.

As a holistic practitioner, an acupuncturist, I am more interested in what kind of patient has a disease than what kind of disease has a patient.  I see the body as a whole being, combined of body, mind and spirit, which all need to be in healthy to experience optimal health and well-being.

Once you reach that optimal level, ideally, you would only need seasonal treatment with the change of seasons, for prevention and maintenance.   Many of my patients come in regularly once every month or two months just for stress relief and prevention.

My teacher, Professor Worsley says:  “We just strive to see people not only as they present themselves in illness, but more importantly as they would be in perfect health and balance, in full discovery of their true nature, unique in body, mind and spirit.”  J.R. Worsley

I feel acupuncture should only be performed by a licensed, fully-trained acupuncturist who does a pulse reading before, during and after every treatment.  Most chiropractors, physical therapists and other alternative health care providers have limited training in acupuncture and are unable to diagnose, evaluate and treat the same way a licensed acupuncturist can.  If they do not read your wrist pulses and/or do a tongue diagnosis, they are missing a huge piece of the puzzle as to the cause of your symptoms.  What they are really practicing is not acupuncture, but dry needling.

Acupuncture Training and Education

I received my education and training from The College of Traditional Acupuncture, U.K, Warwickshire, England, and The Worsley Institute in  Miami Lakes, Florida, graduating in February 1991.  In private practice in Denver, Colorado from February 1991 to August 2014.

Professor J.R. Worsley, my teacher, was awarded the title “Master of Five-Element Acupuncture” in 1955 and the following year, he founded the College of Traditional Acupuncture, U.K. in Warwickshire, England.  After I had the opportunity to meet him while he was visiting Colorado, I knew I wanted to study under him.

Here is a link to some videos of Dr. Worsley speaking about this style of acupuncture.  They are wonderful to watch and very informative.   You will need to click on the highlighted videos on the page to view.

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