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I am proud to share my patient reviews with you.

I have received acupuncture from Kerry 5 or 6 times now and will continue. Before the first treatment, I hadn’t realized how much stress I was carrying until I felt so relaxed after, and the relaxation continued through a fairly stressful work week. I’ve found Kerry to be professional, kind, and interested in making my body systems work as designed. Since beginning acupuncture with her, I had a cold that start to finish lasted merely 3 days. I had only 1 day of the foggy head cold symptoms, and I work with young kids – it seemed like some sort of miracle – young kids carry all the germs! I am falling asleep easier and waking more rested. I’ve been telling all my friends, and everyone asks, “Does it hurt?” At times, but any hurt is less than from most massages I’ve received. Unlike massage for me, when leaving an acupuncture treatment, I only feel a zen-like relaxed calm.

Brenna R.


I’ve been to a few acupuncturists over the years and Kerry stands alone. There hasn’t been anyone like her that I’ve come across. Her approach (Worsley Five Element) is unique and very different from traditional acupuncture. She’s in the room with you the entire time and has a variety of techniques that she uses. She always has a warm smile and comforting energy when you see her. Kerry spends a good amount of time with you not only at the beginning of the initial visit, but also subsequent visits to get to know you and familiarize herself with whatever issues you may be having. She’s very intuitive, determined and will spend time troubleshooting if necessary to decide how to proceed. I’ve been one of her most difficult cases, but she’s never given up on me. In short, Kerry’s simply amazing.

Jean B.


I have a 13 year old daughter who was diagnosed after 10 months of daily pain in her stomach area, with IBS. After many appointments to doctor’s offices, hospitals and specialist a friend of our told us about Kerry. Also, the doctors were just guesting and trying so many different medications. Since we have been going to Kerry our daughter’s life has been turned around. Kerry is wonderful. She was able to diagnose our daughter with a gut problem and with her holistic approach our daughter Sarah has been PAIN FREE for over 3 weeks now. We highly recommend Kerry ONLY if you want to get away from the taking pills. Thanks Kerry!!!

Sallie A.


I am happy to have found Kerry! She is helping me and my body find greater balance and strength. I encourage others to try classical acupuncture, and she is one of the very few in the area to offer this ancient healing art!

Kate H.


Kerry has treated me for acute onset Rheumatoid Arthritis and a pinched nerve with acupuncture and cold laser, with great success. I highly recommend either type of treatment.. You will see improvements.

Linda M.


I had struggled with cysts on my ovaries that were very painful.  I was having difficulty getting pregnant.  Not only did the acupuncture treatments get rid of my pain, but after three months of regular acupuncture treatments I got pregnant!  I am amazed at how much acupuncture helped me.   Kerry did a great job of taking care of me.

Glenna N.


I am so glad I came to Kerry for acupuncture. My health is so much better because my allergies are not as bad. It is so much better for my body than taking pills. It is more natural and I have more energy. Thanks, Kerry!

Helen O.


For acupuncture, I can definitely recommend Kerry! Kerry is attentive and interested in what specifically you need for your well being. When I go, she asks questions to get a sense of what would make a difference for me and when my appointment is finished, I always feel energized, balanced and focused. I consider acupuncture a gift to myself and I am appreciative of Kerry’s commitment to her clients.

Deb B.


Kerry is very knowledgeable and through. I have seen her several times and she made a big difference in helping open up mt back through acupuncture. I am a massage/bodyworker and now have my clients going to her as well. Thank you Kerry for the wonderful healing that you do.

Debbie S.

I’ve visited Kerry multiple times and she’s wonderful! She has a great bedside manner, she is very knowledgeable and thorough in her treatments, but best of all it works! Kerry helped me navigate through a time that my energy was drained and I was highly fatigued. I would definitely recommend her and her services.

Andrea C.


After only a couple of acupuncture treatments with Kerry, my horrible hip pain was reduced significantly. I have also done a couple treatments with Kerry just for stress relief that helped tremendously! I would highly recommend Kerry as a skilled and competent acupuncturist.

Naola V.


Kerry takes a holistic approach to acupuncture, treating the whole body. I highly recommend Kerry for her extensive training and many years of experience. Her approach helped facilitate my body toward a successful surgery and quick postop recovery from breast cancer a few years ago.

Diane L.


I am triathlete and got Bell’s Palsey after a long competitive run.   The left side of my face from my eye to my mouth was drooping.  My face improved with each acupuncture treatment and was completely gone after five treatments.  I continue to come for treatments for maintaining my health.  Kerry is amazing!

Steve K.

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