Treating the Cause

Acupuncture - Treating the CauseMany people think of acupuncture for just pain relief. It can do so much more when performed by a fully-trained acupuncturist – especially when we target the cause of an ailment or disease.  People often experience symptoms like chronic aches and pains, frequent colds, insomnia, heartburn, headaches, just to name a few.  They  usually look for relief by treating the symptoms with medication. Symptomatic relief is superficial and does not address the “cause.” There is always a reason for the symptom: It indicates an underlying imbalance in your body or disease process.   There is always a root cause of all symptoms of ill health.

The Underlying Cause of Symptoms

Acupuncture focuses on relieving the underlying root “cause” of the symptoms.  When we are in harmony with our environment, we can more effectively deal with the challenges and stressors of modern everyday life.  This style of acupuncture treats the whole person, on a very individualized basis, not simply a group of symptoms. Finding the cause of symptoms is necessary to eliminate health issue(s) to achieve optimal health and well-being so you can experience a better quality of life.

People go to their medical doctor for a condition of pain or other symptom of illness.  Often no “medical” cause can be found. That is where acupuncture can be so effective at restoring health.  So many things in life can cause our bodies to get “out of balance” in subtle ways we often are unaware of.

Here is a simple example: Let’s say a warning light on your car dashboard comes on. You would not reach under the dashboard and pull out the wire to make the light go out. You would find the cause of the malfunction to be fixed, because to ignore the warning light would cause even greater harm to your car.

Let’s say you start experiencing abdominal pain on a regular basis, not just an isolated instance.  There could be many causes for this symptom.  You could take pain medicine for it or look for the cause.   By reading the pulses on the wrists, and other diagnostic tools, an acupuncturist can determine what meridians are out of balance int he body and need attention.

We all need to pay attention to our health, but we often fail to do so until we be become so sick that we can no longer ignore the symptoms. So many chronic diseases today are treated on a symptomatic-relief level of medications because many people don’t know the benefits of acupuncture go far beyond just pain relief.

You must always find the “cause” of the distress signals in the body/mind/spirit.  If you do not treat the cause of the symptom (s), the disease can go deeper.  This is the danger of getting acupuncture by anyone other than a fully trained acupuncturist that reads pulses and does tongue diagnosis to tell them what exactly is out of balance in the body.  You must find the cause and treat the cause in order to cure the disease.

If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream. ~ Chinese Proverb

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