Inflammation – The Cause of Many Ailments

What do arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, colitis, dermatitis have in common?  The all end in “itis,” which means inflammation.   In my 30 years of practice and studying and learning about many forms of alternative health care and how food affects our bodies, I have found for myself and seen in others how much the foods we eat can contribute to inflammation.  Every “body” is different, has different genes and different tolerances for the foods we eat.

I believe people should eat whole foods, not processed foods as much as they can.  If food is out of a can or box, it is most likely processed in some way.  Sugar, processed carbohydrates and hydrogenated fats are some of the biggest culprits when it comes to inflammation.  Our bodies need good quality fats like coconut oil,  avocados, olive oil to name a few to help curb inflammation.  When you have enough good quality fats and less processed carbohydrate type foods, you will feel better and less hungry.

I have seen in my own body very clear results of pain and achy joints when I eat sugar or processed carbohydrates.  I do stay away from most grains because they make my muscles and joints achy.   It seems that quinoa, buckwheat (which is not wheat and does not contain gluten) and millet are a few grains better tolerated by people with a sensitivity to grains.

Here is a great link about foods that fight inflammation.

Acupuncture along with cold laser can certainly help you feel better with whatever “itis” or condition of  inflammation you are suffering with, but you must be willing to make dietary changes if you want to get well and stay well.


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