Why Acupuncture Should Be Part of Your Life

WellnessWhy should acupuncture be part of your life?

Because it can keep you healthy — certainly healthier.  It is a very powerful way to naturally prevent illness or disease.  Acupuncture treatments reduce stress and help inflammation, two of the biggest causes of most illnesses.

Chinese medicine has evolved and survived for thousands of years because it works.   The Chinese never thought of the mind and body as separate from one another, as western medicine often does.  They saw the body, mind and spirit as one entity.  The human body wants to be in harmony and balance or homeostasis.  Acupuncture can help restore homeostasis when it has been disrupted by an illness or injury to the body, mind or spirit.

When you balance the body with acupuncture it can heal.

When someone needs a surgery, such as an emergency appendectomy, then western medicine is absolutely what is needed.  Acupuncture then helps a person recover from that surgery much faster.  Consider that an acupuncturist could possibly have detected an imbalance in the body by feeling the wrist pulses.  Correcting that imbalance with acupuncture could have prevented the appendicitis.  This is where acupuncture is an invaluable preventative tool.  The earlier an imbalance is detected and treatment is begun, the easier and quicker it is to correct it.  The reality is that in modern civilization today we are presented with numerous stressors to overcome every day in order to maintain harmony and balance.

When our chi energy or life force becomes blocked, we experience illness or pain.  Acupuncture restores the free flow of chi energy in the body.  To the degree you can restore the balance of chi, you restore health.   In our fast-paced and stressful world today we often fail to effectively deal with our stressors until we feel so sick we can no longer ignore our symptoms. We have often waited so long to get the help and support we need that our symptoms have developed into costly illnesses.

While acupuncture treatments often provide immediate relief, complete healing from your health issues can take some time and commitment.  Most people need to get treatment at least once a week for 5 or 6 visits before the treatments can be spread out to every two weeks, three weeks, once a month and then longer.  Acupuncture treatments are cumulative.  Each treatment builds on the next.  Skipping treatments you need could slow your healing progress.

Your health is important.  We take good take care of our car and our home with repairs and maintenance.  Your body needs maintenance too to function optimally.  Yes, is is an out-of-pocket expense for most people.  Isn’t it better to do all you can to prevent getting costly diseases which can cost you in so many ways in other areas of your life.   You want to be healthy in body, mind and spirit.

Wherever you go for acupuncture treatment, always go to a “licensed acupuncturist.”

Here is a great piece on five top reasons people should make time for acupuncture.


Classical Five-Element Acupuncture uses the laws of nature to bring the body, mind and spirit into balance and harmony. 


“We must strive to see people not only as they present themselves in illness,but more importantly as they would be in perfect health and balance,in full discovery of their true nature,unique in body, mind and spirit.”-Professor J.R. Worsley-


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