My Favorite Anti-Virals

Garlic for Immunity

These are some of my favorite anti-viral supplements are not in any particular order of preference.  I always keep these on hand for whenever I get sick or feel I am coming down with a bug, viral or bacterial.  I suggest you Google them and read about them.  I have found them very effective for me for many years.  They are not a substitution for going to see the doctor when you need to.   Since western medicine, in most cases, do not have medications to get rid of many common viruses, I like these alternatives.

Andrographis and mullein leaf together are great anti-virals in combination for colds and flus, and helping get over Covid faster.



Olive Leaf

Oil of Oregano


VSC formula by Nature’s Sunshine

Trigger Immune formula by Nature’s Sunshine

Golden Seal Root Powder  (I put the power in gelatin caps.  It is very bitter.)

Raw garlic (chop it up and stuff in gelatin capsules so you can swallow it raw)

Yin Chiao (Chinese formula for colds and flu)

Oscillococcinum (Homeopathic remedy for flu)

Black Elderberry

Mullein Leaf (Really good for supporting and strengthening the respiratory system and coughs)

Mullein flower


Deficiency of Glutathione and Covid-19

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